Rubrics and Spiral Curriculum

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  • Published : April 14, 2012
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Rubrics and SpiralsHardison 1.

Rosalyn Hardison
Grand Canyon University
SPE 330
February 19, 2012

Rubrics and spiralsHardison 2.
Rubrics are performance based assessments that evaluate a student’s performance on any given task or set of task that leads to a final product or learning outcome. Rubrics use a specific criterion as a basis for evaluating or assessing student performances as indicated in narrative descriptions that are separated into levels of possible performance related to a given task. Starting with the highest level progressing to the lowest, these levels of performance are used to assess or define a set task as they relate to a behavior. Rating scales are used which can be numerical, qualitative or a combination of both. Rating scales can be either holistic or analytical. A spiral curriculum is the assumption that children are not always ready to learn. Readiness to learn is the core of a spiral curriculum. A spiral curriculum tries to expose students to a wide variety of ideas. A spiral curriculum is not a circular curriculum because it does not stay at the same difficult level as time goes on. In a spiral curriculum if the student does not fully understand the curriculum that day; then the teacher moves on in the curriculum. Education website rubric:

Do2learn web site scored 4 in all categories; it is a very useful and effective education website. Organization of site was inviting and easy to navigate. This site is very effective in the use of real world situations. Do2learn is also very effective in the use of technology.

Organization| Organization on site is not user friendly| Organization on site is somewhat user friendly| Organization on site is mostly user friendly| Organization on site is very user friendly| | * Opening page is confusing * Difficult to navigate without getting lost * Confusing link or connection| * Vague...
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