Rough Water Ahead

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  • Published : April 23, 2013
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1. How should Smooth Sailings’ management perform the recoverability test for the cruise ship as of December 31, 2010? The following are the required steps to identify, recognize and measure the impairment of a long-lived asset (group) to be held and used: * Indicators of impairment — consider whether indicators of impairment are present. * Test for recoverability — If indicators are present, perform a recoverability test by comparing the sum of the estimated undiscounted future cash flows attributable to the asset (group) in question to their carrying amounts (as a reminder, entities cannot record an impairment for a held and used asset unless the asset first fails this recoverability test). * Measurement of an impairment — If the undiscounted cash flows used in the test for recoverability are less than the long-lived asset’s (group’s) carrying amount, determine the fair value of the long-lived asset (group) and recognize an impairment loss if the carrying amount of the long-lived asset (group) exceeds its fair value.

What assets and liabilities should be included in the “asset group” as defined by ASC 360-10 for purposes of performing the recoverability test? For purposes of recognition and measurement of an impairment loss, a long-lived asset or assets shall be grouped with other assets and liabilities at the lowest level for which identifiable cash flows are largely independent of the cash flows of other assets and liabilities. Asset groups may include assets and liabilities outside the scope of ASC 360-10 (for example, goodwill — if certain conditions, discussed later, are met — and other non-amortizing intangible assets). In general, assets should be grouped when they are used together, that is, when they are part of the same group of assets and are used together to generate joint cash flows. If assets and/or liabilities are grouped for purposes of a test for recoverability, they are referred to as an ―asset group. How should...
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