Rough Draft

Topics: Credit card fraud, Credit card, Fraud Pages: 2 (567 words) Published: May 13, 2013
Rough Draft

Imagine if someone is pretending to be you, using your credit card to indulge themselves in items that they would never be able to afford. Credit card fraud is far too common today, losing a wallet can mean losing your identity. A credit card can be a positive or negative thing, depending whose hands it’s in. Credit card fraud is a problem, that I believe, I have found the solution to. Fraud is any negative type of deception or trickery. Credit card fraud is the problem of our generation because we are constantly hit with new technology and it distracts us from the things we are responsible for. “The leading victims of credit card fraud are those at the ages between 21 through 36”, ( There are many types of credit card frauds including, “counterfeit cards, lost or stolen cards, identity-theft fraud, or simply giving your information to a company who isn’t legit, but is only after your money”, (Statistics Brains). In the end credit card fraud effects all of us, because it ruins the economy with all the money that is “borrowed” but not reimbursed. It can mentally, emotionally, and physically affect the card holder who has to deal with all the financial troubles that can potentially ruin a life if it isn’t dealt with properly. According to Nan Little, author of the article “The Negative Effects of Stress”, states that “stress is the leading cause of anxiety, depression, heart disorders, weight, and difficulty sleeping”. “Credit card fraud costs hundreds of millions of dollars every year”, (Bob Nefer). That is money that could be used for school programs, or positive outreaches to our own communities, which are in need. Consequences can become depressing as the holder sometimes has to pay out of pocket. If payments are neglected< a collection company will take money from his or her paycheck. My solution to credit card fraud would be a GPS tracker inserted into all credit cards. The tracker would allow its holder to always know where...
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