Rotary Kiln Is the Commonly Used Mining Machine

Topics: Cement, Cement kiln, Kiln Pages: 2 (433 words) Published: May 16, 2012
The rotary kiln is the main equipment for calcining cement clinker. Rotary kiln has the advantages of simple structure, convenient and reliable production, less wearing parts, and high operating rate. It is the equipment not only for calcining high grade cement in cement plant, but also widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, construction industry, etc. The operation efficiency of the rotary kiln largely depends on the quality of the refractories, the correctness of the supporting facility and the right use and maintenance. If one enterprise does not have very professional team to guide the right way in the selection, construction and maintenance, it will be short-lived because of not having systematic and scientific maintenance. Even unexpected accidents would happen. The use and maintenance of cement kilns have a direct impact on safe and effective operation of the cement kiln system, which has become an important issue for cement plant to increase capacity. The status and characteristics of China's cement industry are large output, high kiln temperature, fast kiln speed, heavy alkali corrosion, complex structure and high energy efficiency requirements. In the last year China's cement production hit a new record of 1.868 billion tons. It is expected that this year the demand on cement market will remain strong and the production may reach close to 2.1 billion tons. The rotary kiln is the key equipment of the cement plant to produce cement, therefore the quality of cement rotary kiln determines the grade level of cement. China's large-scale infrastructure construction is in full swing, and domestic huge investment to the cement industry is a strong impetus to the development of the lime kiln industry. In the large-scale construction production, the demand for high-quality rotary kiln is also very strong. Large-scale rotary kiln is the commonly used equipment in large construction, however, in our country only a few manufacturers produce this kind of new,...
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