Room Full of Angels

Topics: Fiction, Short story, Consciousness Pages: 2 (812 words) Published: June 25, 2012
Room Full of Angles

The short-story “Room Full of Angles” is written in the 90’s by the author Mike Benson. He throws us directly into the story “as my stomach reached my throat…” (P.60, l.1-2) Often you get an introduction to the story you are reading, because it is a good way to attract the listeners’ attention. The beginning in Mike Benson’s story is called “In media-res”. Especially it’s important to know that the story is written by a first person-narrator; this means that we have to be critical towards the narrator’s creditability which later in the analysis will be discussed. In the 90’s a new problem among youth people have been discussed a lot in the media. In this context we talk about the drug-environment. Sometimes when you are trapped in this environment it can be very hard to control your life, because you aren’t aware of your own situation, and the dangerous consequences it probably has. Clearly he is totally addicted on drugs, so he is out of control. (P. 60 l. 4-7) the narrator describes his situation as something very beautiful, because everything around him is moving faster. It’s a feeling that is very typical when you are on drugs, because the drug pills give you a lot of energy. But the narrator can’t control it, because he can’t move his legs on the dance floor. The narrator doesn’t fully recognize that he is out of control. “I’m cool. I know what’s going on.” (P. 60, l.19) But later the narrator realises the fact that he can’t control this trip. “This is not a good trip” (P. 61, l. 36) so the narrator doesn’t seem reliable, because he contradicts his own words. It emphasises the fact that the narrator is out of control and it tells the reader that he isn’t aware of his own situation. It’s well illustrated by the incident where the narrator pukes over the bouncers black T-shirt. (P. 60, l.34 – P.61. l.27) It’s as if the narrator lives in a dream world when he is on drugs. The narrator’s thoughts tell a lot about how great it is to be in...
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