Rondell Data Corporation

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1.Describe the management style at Rondell Data Corporation. Rondell Data Corporation is a fairly small company, employing roughly about 800 employees. This has been a steady increase since the company began in 1939. The current management style does not seem to be able to manage the volume and span of activities throughout the company. The management style of the company seems to be a functional structure. There are five levels of hierarchy in the organization chart. There are many levels of conflict due to the existing management style. Each department seems to have their own goals and objectives. This type of structure has been with the company since the beginning. Since Rondell has experienced a major increase in production and employees, it is certain that the old structure is not as effective and efficient as it should be given the new growth. 2.Would you classify Rondell Data Corporation as a mechanistic or organic design? Any company can be mechanistic or organic. It depends on various factors such as structure, tasks/roles, system formality, communication, and hierarchy versus collaboration. In the case of Rondell Data Corporation, the company can be classified as mechanistic. Mechanistic can be defined as an organizational system that has been marked by rules, procedures, a clear hierarchy of authority, and centralized decision making. It is evident that Rondell’s decision making is centralized. Bill Hunt participates in all vital decision making that occurs between him and the managers. 3.What challenges does Rondell face?

One of the challenges that Rondell Data Corporation faces is the type of management style. Many companies who utilize a functional management style tend to have similar products. This type of structure works well because all functions of the company can work together to produce one single goal. Although Rondell is an electronic product company, they produce broadcast equipment and data transmission equipment....
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