Romeo & Juliet, Compare and Contrast (Act I)

Topics: Characters in Romeo and Juliet, Romeo and Juliet, Mercutio Pages: 2 (557 words) Published: May 22, 2013
Chloe Mendiola
Period 2
22 April 2013
Compare and Contrast-Act I
The 1968 film of “Romeo and Juliet” is not completely different from the 1998 film but they do have many differences. Although both films kept to the original story of the play, the 1968 film was more of a traditional interpretation than the 1998 film.

Right when the movie begins in the 1998 film, there is something different from the 1968 film. At the beginning of the fight scene in scene 1 it shows Benvolio with the servants already. In the 1968 film, Benvolio shows up to stop the fight between the Capulet servants and the Montague servants. After the fight scene, the Montagues ask Benvolio where Romeo is. In the 1998 version, Montague and Lady Montague seem almost disgusted that Romeo is out sulking. The 1968 film portrays his parents as feeling sympathetic for their son. When Benvolio does find Romeo, Romeo is supposed to explain his heartbreak to Benvolio. The 1998 film does just that while the 1968 film completely cut it out of the movie. Romeo is supposed to be someone who is love-struck and confused but the 1998 film portrayed him as someone who had reasons for his actions.

In scene 2, both films showed Paris asking Capulet or Juliet’s hand as written although the 1998 version tried to display just how wealthy the Capulets are. When the scene cuts to Benvolio telling Romeo to forget about Rosaline, the 1968 film cut that part out along with the scene where Benvolio convinces Romeo to go to Capulet’s party. In scene 3, Lady Capulet speaks to Juliet about Paris’s marriage proposal. The 1968 film showed Lady Capulet get irritated with the nurse’s constant banter. The 1998 film doesn’t show the nurse speaking much at all in this scene. The scene didn’t show how much of a mother-figure the nurse was to Juliet. The 1968 film shows that and how much the nurse loved Juliet like a daughter.

The next scene shows Romeo, Benvolio, their friend Mercutio and others going to the party....
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