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Romeo and Juliet essay

In Romeo and Juliet we learn how Shakespeare uses vivid language to build character and depth in their roles. Shakespeare was a poet, playwright and an actor with a great love for language. Shakespeare was of great importance when it came down to the moulding and developing of the English language. Shakespeare had such an immense love for language that he created neologisms that we use in everyday life. Some of these neologisms he created include words such as puke, lonely, bedroom, democracy etc. in the play he developed numerous characters that played incredibly believable roles. An example of how Shakespeare made his characters believable was Tybalt, who spoke only forty lines in the entire play. Though he spoke only forty lines the lines he spoke were very descriptive and showed the audience how angry and aggressive yet protective he was. His anger and aggressive nature instantly put Tybalt into a stereotype of an angry young man with a lot of anger and pain. The audience probably had the same sense of anger from Tybalt when he was on stage.

Romeos personality would be difficult to describe as he has a number of different characteristics. He has multi- personalities as at times he is immature, self- contained, aggressive and frantic. An example of his immaturity is when he locks himself in his room over his false love ‘Rosaline’ he does so as Rosaline does not feel or adore him as he supposedly does. Montague tells lady Montague of Romeo’s depression “many a morning hath he there been seen, with tears augmenting the fresh morning dews, adding clouds more clouds with deep sighs”. Here Montague explains how sad Romeo is by crying most of the day and his deep sighs are building up clouds in the sky. When Romeo is anger he acts very irrational he shows this when he is told that Juliet is dead by Balthasar. During this act he instructs Balthasar to exit and leave him alone because if does not Romeo will “tear thee joint by joint and strew this hungry church”. In addition to this Romeo is furthermore impetuous for the reason that when he attends Juliet’s tomb he notices the colour in he face “is crimson in thy lips and the cheeks”? Despite the fact that he notices the colour in her face he continues on which leads him to death. Shakespeare uses a variety of words to outline Romeo’s character he does so by making Romeo speak emotively and aggressively. In nearly all of the conversations Romeo has with Juliet involve religious imagery, this shows us that Romeo is not looking for a physical relationship so much so as he did for Rosaline. Words such as purity, prayer, angel all suggest that he thinks Juliet is holy and urges to be with her.

In the beginning as soon as we were introduced to Romeo he is depressed, wallowing and appears desperate and miserable. Mercutio explains to lady Montague of his basis for distress” many morning hate he there been seen, with tears augmenting the fresh morning dew, adding to clouds more clouds with his deep sighs”. Here Montague explains that Romeo has been weeping for most days and makes clouds. The foremost impression we get of him is that he is that he is gloomy, juvenile and fairly anxious young man. Mercutio says he is “black and portentous” this tells us that he has been having bad moods. His parents are concerned by Romeos attitude because of his down in the dumps behavior which is reenacted by him locking himself in his room and crying out for Rosaline. Romeo’s behavior at this point would be best described as immature and naïve as he thinks he is in love, he tells Benvolio “Alas, that love whose view is muffled still”. Romeo is suggesting that Rosaline can’t see clearly however he asks Benvolio “where shall we dine?” this suggests to us that he does not in reality love Rosaline because he soon after forgets her and is more concerned about where they will dine. In a conversation between Romeo and Benvolio , Romeo shows he is confused as he says to...
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