Romeo and Juliet Essay

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Juliet’s Turn to The Dark Side
March 18, 2012

Shakespeare shares the power of love through his book Romeo and Juliet. The powerful romance between these two characters also changes their behavior. Juliet’s innocence and allegiance to her parents and their moral values adjust once in love with Romeo. Their love represents Juliet’s revolt from her parents.

In the beginning of the story Juliet is loyal to her family and their wishes. Before she meets Romeo her parents were arranging her marriage to Paris, a very well respected man whom the family likes and gets along with. They were arranging for Juliet to marry him prior to her meeting Romeo. When Nurse asked her, if she would consider him, she responded saying, “I’ll look to like, if looking liking moves” (1.3 97). By this, Juliet means that she would look at him and try to like him even if she doesn’t. This effort made by Juliet shows her respect towards her parents and their decisions for her future. By letting them arrange her marriage she was allowing them to decide and rule her future like any other respectable girl of that time. Before Juliet met and fell in love with Romeo, she was a righteous and respectful daughter.

Juliet’s revolution as a character occurs when she sees Romeo for the first time and instantly falls in love. Romeo brings new aspects into her life such as surprise and freedom, something Juliet previously had little of. This romance was new and exciting, especially for a young girl like herself. She expresses her decaying moral values when she says, “What I have spoke, but farewell compliment” (2.2 88) to Romeo after realizing her change. Juliet states she would be happy to keep up good manners but than would have to deny the things she has said. Juliet acknowledges to Romeo, that she is no longer pure and principled through her lack of manners. Juliet’s final display of a shift in character is when her and Romeo’s romance was deeper than ever. She expressed “O,...
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