Romeo and Juliet Contrast

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S. Ramirez
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12 March 2013
Romeo and Juliet play VS. Movie
Some people believe that the movie ruined the play by taking out the most crucial parts. The director of the movie interpreted what Shakespeare had written. The play and the movie differ in many ways. The crucial parts that were changed include how Tybalt was killed, how Romeo was banished, and how Romeo and Juliet end up dying in the end.

The differences between the play and the 1996 movie consist of the setting in the play being based in a small city called Verona in the 1800’s and in the movie the setting was based in modern time in a large city with the same name. The way Tybalt dies in the play is much different than the movie. He died from being stabbed by Romeo in the play but in the film Romeo killed Tybalt with a gun. Romeo gets banished from Verona by the police in the film for fighting with the Capulet’s and killing Tybalt. In the play Romeo gets banished by the prince for killing Tybalt. When Romeo was going to drink the poison in the movie Juliet wakes up right before but was too late and ended up shooting herself after Romeo had died in the play it differed by her stabbing herself instead.

Some reasons why the director made these adjustments to push more towards a teen audience by using cars, guns, and it being in a more modern time. Some of these changes were also made to put some kind of twist on the plot by changing and taking a lot of things out and not Martin 2

incorporating it into the movie. Also some of these changes were made to fit in with how he wanted the movie to be for the audience.
The changes weren’t faithful to Shakespeare intent with the original play because the director seemed to make the play into somewhat of a joke by making the more serious parts, humorous. The film wasn’t really a “love story” it was more of a humorous story about two people that liked each other. The most important parts in the play...
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