Romeo and Juliet

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  • Published : May 25, 2013
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In this presentation I will be talking about the changes made to the ending (which is Act 5 Scene 3) of Romeo and Juliet in 1700s compare to the changes made in the Baz Luhrman film version of the play. The plot of both were actually similarly the same, however the setting was a lot different and I will be talking about some of the main important changes made to the setting of the movie and of course most importantly the topic which my presentation is mainly on which is Alternate Endings. First of all ill talk a little bit about the setting of the movie. The original Romeo and Juliet was obviously long time ago but the same tradition continued on till and a bit after the 1700s, however, Baz Luhrman changed the most of the settings of his movie. He changed the time so rather than 1500s-1700s which was in the Elizabethan Era it was 1996 and he changed the place, the original romeo and Juliet took place in Verona Italy and Baz Luhrman actually film took place in Verona beach in Miami. Therefore, The changing of just the time and place changed the whole setting of the play. The costumes had to different to meet the modern days and Rather than using horses there were cars, instead of using swords, there were guns. Everything was modern. And now ill talk about the Alternate endings of the original Romeo and Juliet in the 1700s and the Baz Luhrman film version of Romeo and Juliet. In the Original Romeo and Juliet, (Act 5, Scene 3) When Romeo arrives at the Curch Yard where Juliets Body is, Paris is already there , sadly tossing flowers. And then he sees Romeo and assumes hes there to dishonour the Capulets and he did look suspicious because he is also carrying some tools to break open the tomb. Paris tries to do a citizens arrest and romeo tells paris to leave him alone but paris refuses. So they fight and Romeo kills him. Where Paris says im slain. And nothing of this happened in the Baz Luhrman film. So then after a final kiss romeo drinks the posion and dies...