Romeo and Juliet

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  • Published : March 17, 2013
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Art: A Pool of Reflection
Art, to each person represents something different. For some, art expresses their innermost desires and their ideals and some see their own reflection in art. Through the use of art as a reflection of the spectator’s personality, Oscar Wilde conveys to the readers his own opinion about art. In the book, The Picture of Dorian Gray, art reflects he characters themselves, their morals and their ideals. Just like its characters, art constantly transforms and takes the shape of the ones around it. Art in this novel has also been used as a reflection of one’s innermost desires. The reality of characters like Dorian and Basil are no more than a manifestation of their own values, and correspondingly, art reflects that. Irrefutably, the most important work of art in this book features Dorian Gray’s magnificent superficial beauty. In the beginning, Oscar Wilde shows the readers that Dorian’s portrait, just like him expresses, “a wonderful work of art, and a wonderful likeness as well” (Wilde 26). Through the relationship between the portrait and Dorian Gray himself, Oscar Wilde conveys to the readers that art stands as a reflection of a person. He shows the readers that in the beginning, the portrait mirrors Dorian Gray’s innocence, superficial beauty, inner beauty and his youth. Just like Dorian, the portrait is young, alive and full of youth. Then, Wilde shows the readers that just like a human grows and changes, the art around the person grows and takes the shape of the person. For example later on in the book, Dorian starts to become corrupt and evil and the portrait starts to mirror his inner personality or his soul. Oscar Wilde shows the readers that just like Dorian transforms into a heartless and corrupt person, his portrait also develops, “ a look of cunning, and … the curved wrinkle of a hypocrite” (Wilde 208). Through this melancholy and grim description of the portrait, Oscar Wilde shows the readers that Dorian’s actions...
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