Romantic Poetry: Rime of the Ancient Mariner

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  • Published : April 7, 2013
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Love of the mysterious, strange or supernatural is widely seen in Romantic Poetry. Through this idea, many authors were able to convey their love of nature. In “Rime of the Ancient Mariner”, Coleridge uses imagery, alliteration and similes to demonstrate the isolation of the Mariner. In “Rime of the Ancient Mariner”, Coleridge uses imagery to demonstrate the isolation of the mariner. “Alone, alone, all, all alone, alone on a wide sea!” (4.9) This quote illustrates the point that the mariner is very isolated after killing the Albatross, he doesn’t have a crew and he is stuck in the middle of the sea. It sounds like an echo sound which really shows how alone he is. "I closed my lids, and kept them close, Till the balls like pulses beat; For the sky and the sea, and the sea and the sky. Lay like a load on my weary eye, And the dead were at my feet." (4.25) This is the moment where the mariner realizes how lonely and sad he is. All his crew are dead because of the curse from killing the Albatross and he doesn't know what to do. Also, Coleridge uses alliteration to demonstrate the isolation of the mariner. "Drop down the breeze, the sails dropped down, 'Twas sad as sad could be; and we did speak only to break the Silence of the sea!" (2.33) The weather is awful, and their boat wasn't moving anymore because of the killing of the albatross. They are ,so depressed and unsure of what to say but they speak anyway. They know that all these bad things are happening because they are being punished for killing the albatross."Water, water, every where, And all the boards did shrink: Water, water, every where, nor any drop to drink" (2.37) The mariner is surrounded by all this water, but he had nothing to drink and he couldn't drink any of it. Finally, Coleridge uses similies to show the loneliness of the mariner. "My heart as dry as dust" (4.24) The mariner is at sea and he can't pray and he is heartless. He is starting to feel guilty about killing the albatross. He feels...
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