Roman Technology and Engineering

Topics: Ancient Rome, Roman Empire, Roman Republic Pages: 2 (496 words) Published: May 20, 2013
Roman Technology and Engineering
HIS 103 World Civilization I
Tod Menzing
April 29, 2013

Roman Technology and Engineering
The Importance of Roman Technology and Engineering started really early. The Roman Empire took several hundred years to develop. The Romans were brilliant people, by the eleventh century, people of means had and appropriate skill level began to buy and sell goods. They sold wool for clothing and metal for tools and weapons for a profit in the local market. People were able to buy beautiful luxury goods at the market; everyone could not afford to spend money on fancy goods but was available for to anyone who could afford to do so. Merchants were allowed to control their business affairs. A union was developed which meant that the merchants were protected by a spokesperson that always had their interest for businessmen who were carpenters, spice merchants or glassmakers. The union sent a representative to protect Merchants concerning their investments and their brilliant marketing skills. Mahdavi, F. (2012) World History: Rome was an exceedingly large city and required a massive amount of grain to feed the population. Because the Romans were such intelligent people and their thinking skills were always well advanced so they came up with transporting grain by traveling the Mediterranean this way grains would get to them more quickly. The amount of wheat that it would take to feed the population was so great that they had to come up with a solution to feed them all. Ships were designed and grain merchants were responsible for supplying Rome, who might be senators, knights, or freedmen. The Romans came up with a solution by hiring from among knights and freedmen to man the ships to protect their investments. The romans developed companies and a way to keep records of transaction that were made while trading. They developed a method in with the shippers called Roman financing. Mahdavi, F. (2012) World History. Merchants and...
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