Roman Empire Fall

Topics: Roman Empire, Decline of the Roman Empire, Ancient Rome Pages: 2 (611 words) Published: December 18, 2011
A.P. World History Period 1
Fall of the Western Roman Empire

In the third century A.D. Rome was facing some hardships. Historians have examined both internal conditions that have ended up to weakening the empire and the forces of the barbarians invasions have been explanations for the fall of the Romans Empire declined. Each document explains The Roman Empire conflicts in political and economical those were the main parts of the empires decline and failure.Each and every document shows and explains how the Western Roman Empire declined. According to Document 1, this is an excerpt from a textbook, The Course of Civilization by Strayer, Gatzke, and Harbison. According to the authors, the basic problems that the Western Roman Empire people were facing were from the people that gave up devotion of the old civilization and didn't believe that it was worth saving. Why should they care about their land if they weren't allowed to take part in government, couldn't form groups to protect themselves, and were even excluded from the army. The unemployed realized that their cities were slowly falling, but they didn’t bother to stop the decline; it had to happen. The loss of the people led to the increased of government corruption, division of the empire, and internal power struggles were some political causes that led to the fall of Rome. According to Document 2, excerpt from The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, there were two causes that led to the fall of Rome which was the great amount of land and the introduction of Christianity. The Empire grew too large, it became uneasy to control. It was inevitable for the fall to occur, no matter how much anyone tried. Jesus' introduction to Christianity also started a change and the clergy helped change the moral values of the society. It the military’s power was useless and it seemed as if it was thrown away. The rich's wealth was taken away and given to charities. In Document 3, an excerpt from Uses of the...
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