Role of a Directress in a Child's Normalization

Topics: Attention, Childhood, Pedagogy Pages: 6 (2497 words) Published: April 9, 2011
“Normalization is the single most important result of our work“(Absorbent Mind-pg:204 ,chapter 19) According to Dr: Maria Montessori normalization (the child’s true nature) is one of her main discoveries. Normalization is a word taken from anthropology meaning “becoming a contributing member of the society”. The young children with short attention span learning to focus and concentrate their work for a given period of time is the process of normalization. It happens at the first stage of development (0-6) and occurs when the child is developing normally. Maria Montessori saw a normalized child as a new level of humanity. Her message was to see that there is much more to childhood than is currently recognized. When Montessori recognized the process of normalization she recognized another process called deviation. According to her view the child have two streams of energy while growing up .They are physical energy of the body and mental energy of intelligence and when the mind and body cannot work in unison there happens deviation. Dr.Montessori felt that the process of deviation and normalization is going on all the time; it is what the children are engaged in. Deviation occurs when the child has the will to act but his movements are restricted, when he has interest but his needs are not met. Deviation is a defense created when the child’s development cannot be in normal way. All children coming into adaptation have some kind of deviations, some grow out of it and some don’t, if this is not corrected out they will become worse in the coming time. Maria Montessori considers the following as the main reasons for deviation in behavior– lack of intellectual nourishment for the mind and lack of spontaneous activity which is prompted by internal impulses. Deviation is categorized in several ways .Deviations which are thought to be normal for children and foster by adults are like, over attachment to some family member, laziness, overeating, inability to attention ,etc. And where as some deviations thought to be normal, but not deliberately fostered by adults are disobedience, quarrel, untidiness, etc. ( Environment is a main factor in child’s normalization. To support the child development .The environment should be made according to the child’s desire, like we can make the furniture’s to be child sized and this helps the easy access for them. This way child feels a sense of belonging to his environment. Order is another important factor in an environment in order to provide order in the child’s work cycle and it helps the child to choose according to his will. The activities given for the child have to be related to the nature and true life. Because the lack of exposure to the reality can lead the child to different kind of deviations, some are like the psychic fugue where the child creates his own fantasy world or psychic barrier, when he construct a barrier against his reality. Practical life exercises like pouring, spooning, moving heavy object around the class all helps in the child’s mental development, co-ordination, and their concentration, which are the main factors for normalization. For example, moving a jug of water from a table to another involves the learning of their co-ordination in movements and concentration and here they are in contact with real objects. They need real objects instead of fake one, so they learn to be familiar with the materials around their everyday life .Unless we adults do trust them with the glassware’s, they cannot trust themselves to use the glass wares without breaking them .Here we are giving our faith in the growing child and the helping him to have the faith in himself and reveal himself.”A real co-ordination of movement perfects the whole person.(The discovery of a Child,pg306:chapter 23)”

But apart from all these in a Montessori environment an adult or a teacher plays the important role in the child’s...
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