Role of Media in Politics

Pages: 2 (551 words) Published: April 14, 2013
The important identity of a responsible media is playing an unbiased role in reporting a matter without giving unnecessary hype to attract the attention of the gullible public with the object of making money and money only.After reporting properly the media can educate the public to form their own opinion in the matters of public interest.The media can highlight the short-comings of the official machinery in its functioning,bringing out the sufferings of the public in general.  As political parties start media for themselves and utilise it for their own selfish ends, the role of the media is very much narrowed.During elections ,in democracy the media is an effective tool for getting the publi The idea that media should serve the society, particularly in the third world, in solving the problems people are facing has already gained momentum. Journalists, politicians and even the general public are talking about the necessity of harnessing the media .Around election time, the media is extre c opinion in its favour As such, our Indian audience of media may appear as mediocre as any other country, east or west, but they are marching ahead in all spheres and the media are also playing their role in the same mediocre way as anyother sphere - political, religious, arts or whatever. You can not find big merit in business whose focus is profit, based on demand for their stuff. Do not big contributors like Charles here, show all their wisdom in shouting down every sector - without the mind to highlight the good ones in every sphere? NEGATIVES

The pity of the Indian media is that it is surviving on myths and superstition. Where has all the factual news gone? Astrology, superstition, snakes, sai baba, daily soaps reviews, fashion week etc. are the only sources to retain themselves in the media world. Prime time news is all about superstition news story with some catchy headlines and this is the best time for advertisements....
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