Role of Lighting in Production

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  • Published : June 26, 2011
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Just like with human eyes, a camera can only capture the images for a scene through light. Whether using available or natural lighting of the surroundings or using professional lighting equipment, every production requires a suitable lighting design according to the needs of the film's story and the director's vision. Every lighting set-up provides a specific mood, emotion, atmosphere, and aesthetics to the overall film viewing experience. Without light, it is not possible to see anything, and it is not possible to shoot a scene.

The primary reason why lighting is needed in a production is because of the technical requirement for proper exposure of every shot in the film. Just like with photography, shooting a scene without enough light makes the shot underexposed. In such case, the shot looks too dark, and there are only a few details that can appear on screen. In worst cases, what you see is almost a black screen that even the actor's faces and the props and sets around are not recognizable anymore. On the other hand, shooting with too much light makes the shot overexposed. In such case, the shot looks too bright and the entire scene looks annoyingly washed out, even to the point of looking blindingly white with almost no details to make the scene recognizable.

For a scene to be properly exposed, the cinematographer and the lighting team must utilize a wide array of production equipment, according to specifications required by each scene. Every shot must not be too dark or too bright so that the elements it contains register properly on screen. In the following essay ill describe the lighting setup of a scene from the popular TV drama serial “How I Met Your Mother”. In that particular scene we see that the character “Barney Stinson” singing a song with two singer. In that scene he keep coming and interrupt the other singers with his strange style of singing. At the beginning, two guys start singing with the piano. We can see a side lamp on the left...
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