Role of Engineer

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This paper highlights how engineers can face the nations fast pace development of technologies. Besides that, how engineer can make greater contribution with awareness in safety, health and environment and how engineer can keep abreast with the development of technology. Firstly, the introduction is given in order to give roughly understanding about this essay. For the introduction, it include with the definition of engineering and engineers. The next two chapters is the main part of this essay discussion. Next, the development of technologies will be discussed and how engineer keep abreast with the development of technologies. The next chapter will discuss about the how engineers can give contribution with awareness in safety, health and environment. This chapter also include some example of previous cases. Finally, a conclusion was made to conclude the finding of this essay writing.

1. Introduction
The range of activities covered by engineers is greater than for most other professions. Engineers have over many years formed themselves into associations, the number of which has grown enormously from the founding of the Institution of Civil Engineers (IEM) in 1818 to the present day through a process of initiation, division and amalgamation based sometimes on technical disciplines such as civil, mechanical, electrical and other engineering disciplines. [1]

Engineers held 1.5 million jobs in 2002. Over 190,000 engineers worked in the government sectors. About 55,000 were self-employed. Electrical engineers hold more jobs than any other engineer disciplines. Mining engineers hold fever jobs than any other type. The number of jobs for engineers is expected to increase more slowly but rather steadily. However, job opportunities in engineering are expected to be good in future simply because the number of people in engineering education is expected to grow due to forecasted rise of technological development in the country. [1]

In addition, the technology nowadays are keep rapidly develop. There are many field of engineering nowadays.20th century have witnessed a great achievement in engineering technology in the field of design, information technology (IT), construction, manufacturing, robotic, advanced materials or even the engineering management techniques for problem solving. Some of the newly and enhanced technologies can be described. [1]

1.1 Definition of Engineering
Firstly, we must know what the engineering definition is. There are various definitions on engineering. Some of those can be expressed as follows; From William A.Wulf, the President of the National Academy of Engineering, the engineering can be define as below,

“Engineering is all around us, so people often take it for granted, like air and water. Ask yourself, what do I touch that is not engineered? Engineering develops and delivers consumer goods, builds the networks of highways, air and rail travel, and the internet, mass produced antibiotics, creates artificial heart valves, builds lasers, and offers such wonders an imaging technology and conveniences like microwave ovens and compact discs. In short, engineers make over quality of life possible” [1]

There are some definitions of engineering such as from Count Rumford. He define the terms of engineering is,

“Engineering is the application of science to the common purpose of life” [1]

Besides that, from Theodore Von Karman, his definition is about scientist can engineers

“Scientists study the world as it is, engineers creat the world that never has been” [1]

1.1.1 Detail of engineering definition

From all these definitions, engineering contents can be further broken down into numerous details. Some of the following are relevant in one way or the other. Firstly, we can say engineering is an art. Aesthetics as well as function found in the Great Wall of China, Pyramid and other wonder of the world is truly an engineering genius in the form of...
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