Roger's Chocolate Analysis

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1. History, Development and Growth2
2. Vision, Mission, Objective, Philosophy and Strategy13
3. Functional-level strategies14
4. Business-level strategy.20
5. Corporate-level strategy25
6. How is the effectiveness of the company’s strategies? (ROIC)26
7. What strategic problems does the company have?33
8. What strategic issues need to be addressed?34
9. External environmental analysis35
10. Internal environment analysis60
11. Determine the strategic factors of the company70
12. Generating alternative strategies by using a TOWS matrix73 13. Evaluate strategic alternatives – pros and cons.74
14. Recommend strategic for company (short, medium, and long term)81

1. Describe briefly the history, development, and growth of the company overtime. Rogers' Chocolates is steeped in tradition and a rich history that has earned the company its current reputation as one of Canada's premiere hand-made chocolate producer. The first Rogers' chocolates were made in 1885 by Charles "Candy" Rogers’ in the back of his grocery store in Victoria, B.C. He quickly became a popular man. In 1891, Rogers’ expanded his chocolate operation to the company's current heritage storefront on Government Street in Victoria and the rest, as they say, is history. Today, Rogers' Chocolates is owned by a small group of shareholders located primarily in B.C. The Victoria-based company now has 10 retail stores, several hundred wholesale outlets, and a 20,000-square-foot factory. History & Development

Charles W. Rogers’ moved to Victoria from his native Massachusetts in 1885. He established a confectionary shop on the west side of Government Street shortly afterwards, and soon enjoyed a prospering business selling candy products which he and his wife manufactured in the rear of his premises. In 1891 his original shop was torn down along with other buildings on the block to make way for new B.C. Land and Investment Agency Building. Rogers’ resumed his business in a new shop located in this building, numbered 34 (later 916) Government Street. He remained at this location until 1917.

As his personal prosperity increased, Rogers’ invested in Victoria real estate. Among his acquisitions was a new two- storey brick block designed and built for him across the street from his shop in 1903. In 1903 Rogers’ rented his new building. Then numbered as 31 Government Street, to Brown and Cooper, fish and fruit merchants. By 1905 this firm had moved to 27 Government and been replaced by W.B. Shakespeare, a jeweler. In 1909 a second jeweler, W.B. Wilkerson, was listed as occupant and remained until 1916. In the following year C.W. Rogers’ moved his own business into the building from his former premises across the street. The address of the structure changed from 31 to 913 Government Street around 1907.

A number of interior changes were made to the building in order to accommodate Rogers' candy manufacturing. The retail area at the front of the structure was shortened, eliminating the original mezzanine arrangement and expanding the work area at the rear. Rogers' Chocolate Shop has operated continuously in the building up to the present time, although no longer owned by the Rogers’ family (C.W. Rogers’ died in 1927). While alterations and an addition have been made to the manufacturing area at the rear section of the building, the retail shop and its furnishings remain unaltered from the time of Rogers' personal occupancy in 1917. Similarly, few alterations have been made to either the exterior facade or upper storey living area. 1975 plans held in the City of Victoria Engineering Department call for construction of a new rear addition extending to Gordon Street along with extensive interior renovations in order to modernize and expand manufacturing facilities. Source:

Workers in the Chocolate Factory

Rogers’ Chocolates

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