Rocky Soccer Academy

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Case Study: #3 Rocky Soccer Academy Case Assessment Worksheet Using Case Study #3, Complete the Worksheet Provided. Use this document as your format. Answer each section within the document retaining the questions to indicate your sections. I.Evaluate Henning’s options for growing Rocky’s customer base, including: A.What are Henning’s objectives? What resources does he have? Henning’s first objective is to have a larger facility built more suited for soccer training. The awareness for his program is close to 100 percent in Fort Collins but limited in surrounding cities. His second objective is to increase awareness of his program in surrounding cities. His third objective is to gain more customers in surrounding areas and try to retain his current customers who leave the program at the age of fourteen and fifteen. His current resources are the 600 kids he trains every year. His second resource is the quality of coaches he has on his staff. His coaches are experienced soccer players who are playing professionally over seas and playing at the collegiate level. B.What elements of consumer behavior might influence his decision? Henning would be influenced in his decision by a personal need. Perreault Jr, Cannon, and McCarthy state that personal needs are concerned with an individual’s need for personal satisfaction. Examples include accomplishment, fun, freedom, and relaxation¬—as well as a desire to make the world a better place (117). Henning obviously enjoys working with young people. His passion was so strong that it forced him to resign from his employment at the meat packing plant to teach soccer full time. With his coaching some of his customers have gone on to win national championships in the Fort Collins area. To see his customers find success on the soccer field must give him a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. He may want to bring this excitement to the surrounding areas, which would lead to full fill a social need. “Social...
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