Rock Music and Joe Perry

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Joe Perry
Greg, Prato. "Joe Perry on AllMusic." AllMusic. N.p., n.d. Web. 18 Dec. 2012. . .

Joe Perry, he was the member of Aerosmith, which would be the biggest rock bands in the world. On the other hand ,he is the leader of guitarist. He was born in 1950 in Lawrence Massachusetts USA. His original name is Anthony Joseph Pereira. Joe Perry began playing the guitar in his early teenage years. Perry had a first time of experience of Rock and roll at his age of six, this contribution was made by his neighbors. Perry picked up his first guitar at his teenage years, and started gathering with other British blue-rockers. After that ,he started to play with such bands as Flash, Just Us, Plastic Glass, and the Jam Band. Later on, Joe Perry first time met Steven Tyler(then named Steven Tallarico)in 1969,and they would play with their bands at Sunapee. Afterwards, his bands Aerosmith was formed. But they didn't stick very well, hard drugs finally destroyed their friendship, and clouded their eyes deadly. According to the argument between Perry and Steven Tyler, Perry left during the recording of 1979's Night in the Ruts, and made his own band which was called The Joe Perry Project. The original band supported him, and issued a song which was called "Let the Music Do the Talking", but it was a tragedy for the first show. A year later, they caught up their old habits again, drugs, although they were promising. But Perry still carried on and after that, they issued two more so-so albums with his band members. According to their bad status, Perry decided to patch up his new ideas with Tyler, and combined with their old band members by 1984.At the late 80's,Aerosmith finally got on top of the rock world again.

Joe Perry was the greatest Rock and Roll guitarist, especially his hard rock and album rock. He was inspired by bluesrockers The Yardbirds and John Mayall when he was little, but on the other hand, he also inspired them as well, Perry made them into his...
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