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Robotic Development
The researchers in “New Robot Has Come to Conquer Human Race…With Snacks!” By Aaron Saenz are on the frontier of robot development. The researchers at Carnegie Mellon are developing a robot named SnackBot which goes around offering snacks to people. In the experiment of SnackBot in the workplace the researchers were observing the social interaction of humans and robots as well as the aesthetics. They were determining if it was well received, if its height was too small or too large. If it were too small then, humans would perceive it to be too passive and large too demeaning. When developing robots, I would assemble them in a way that would allow them to execute their sole function.

First, when it comes to developing robots they need to understand what they have to do and that is it. In what way would a patient benefit from a robot with a personality? Robots are calculators that have reached an exponential degree; they are nothing more and nothing less. Some would say that they are capable of reaching sentient levels, but until they do they should be addressed as machines. I would rather sit down and enjoy the personality of a person that has gone through many of life’s tribulations than a robot who would not understand the limitations of the human condition. Humans relish in social interactions and finding common ground with each other, which with a robot, we would find it lacking. SnackBot’s purpose for existing is to wheel itself around the office offering snacks to employees. I do not see the benefits that a moving vending machine would have if it had a personality. You want the candy bar or not. Second, human beings seem to have a severe condition in which we are curious in how we were created. We are so distraught by this that we even want to give our creations personalities and similarities to us. There have been theories, movies, and books about robots overwhelming humans. As time has taught me, it is essential that we are...
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