Robin Hood

Topics: Robin Hood, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, Maid Marian Pages: 2 (425 words) Published: October 17, 2011
Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves

Robin Hood is funny! Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves is a movie about Robin Hood saving the lives of poor people and getting revenge for his father’s death. The main events of the movie take place in Sherwood Forest. Some themes of this movie are loyalty, action, adventure, and love which made it interesting and fun to watch. In my essay, I will discuss two of Robin Hood’s best qualities. They are his bravery and his courage. One example of early in the movie is Robin’s bravery is when he helps his friends, Peter and Azeem, escape from jail in Jerusalem. Another example later in the movie is when Robin fights six men all by himself. These men worked for the Sheriff of Nottingham. Since the Sheriff killed Robin’s father, he became a sworn enemy of young Locksley. A third way that Robin shows his bravery is when he slices the Sheriff’s face with a sword. Robin’s bravery showed the movie audience that he also was a man of courage. Throughout the film, Robin shows many acts of courage. One of first acts of courage is to seek revenge for the Sheriff’s murder of his father. Of course, the Sheriff is the law in Nottingham. Yet the Sheriff killed Robin’s father when he had done nothing wrong. So Robin swore himself to seek revenge against the Sheriff. Robin’s second act of courage is that he promises to protect Lady Marian. Robin made that promise to Peter when he was dying in Jerusalem. Peter was Lady Marian’s brother who had fought in the same crusade with Robin. The three of them, Peter, Marian, and Robin, had been friends since their childhoods. Robin’s third act of courage is when he fights the Sheriff at the end of the movie. The sword fight is dangerous and either Robin or the Sheriff will kill the other during the fight.

In conclusion, my essay has been about Robin Hood saving the lives of poor people of Nottingham and getting revenge for his father’s death. He saves...
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