Robert Frost Quick Bio.

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Famous Man Frost

Who’s Robert Frost? Where did he grow up, or what did he even do? Well Robert Frost did many things in his life, but he’s best known for his phenomenal poetry, writing deep, realistic, and traditional poems.

Born in March 26, 1874 Frost grew up in San Francisco, California with a younger brother and his two parents. Stricken with tragedy, Frost’s younger brother died of tuberculosis when Robert was only the age of eleven. His mother, not being able to take the tragic scene fled back to their hometown where he enrolled in high school. During his high school years, Robert became fond of writing and joined the high school newspapers. While writing, Frost ended up publishing his first poem ever in the high school newspaper which definitely got his mind started.

Keeping Frost’s mind on poetry, his high school sweet heart, Elinor Miriam pushed him pretty hard to keep writing and to keep good grades. After graduating, going to separate colleges wasn’t a big deal to the two love birds. Robert wanting to seal the deal asked for her to marry him, but he was turned down to the fact that she wanted to finish college first. Frost took it the right way and got to business himself, publishing his first professional poem, “My Butterfly” at Dartmouth College. Not knowing this was the just the beginning, they both finished college, got married and fled to England for quite some time.

In England Frost met many great poets, and had many influencers’. Edward Thomas, Rupert Brooke, and Robert Graves were just a couple names, but they had a huge impact on how he wrote. Continuing to write, Frost moved back to the states to Boston publishing many more great poems. Outliving a lot of people and family, Frost lived to be the age of eighty eight, dying on January 29, 1963. He was buried next to his wife and children, who will go down with the great name of Frost forever. Never forgotten, Frost’s poetry is still read today and used in many ways to help...
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