Robert Frost - an Analysis of His Works.

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April 14th, 2007.

Poetry Research Paper.

Robert Frost – An Analysis Of His Works.

Robert Frost is the kind of author who celebrates simple, everyday things like rural happenings, with vivid imagery. He delves into the mystery of existence, and, in many of his texts, we see a struggle against chaos. Frost's poems mostly are centered on a naturalistic theme – "beauties and terrors of nature, conflicts between individual desires and social obligations, and the value of labor." 1 Though one can question the link between nature and aspects such as labor, a more zoomed-out look of the world tells us that the activities of human beings are also a part of nature, and analyzing human behavior and the society of human beings can be perceived as a way of studying nature itself.

Frost 's Early works - Frost has always been considered as a modern American poet, but many say that it is impossible to "place him in the main tradition of modern poetry." 2 This was because his writing was unique and unconventional – it was different from what his contemporaries accepted to be poetry during the turn of the twentieth century. His works did not interest the American publishers in 1912. This made him, along with his family, to move to Buckinghamshire, England in 1912, where he met famous literary figures such as Ezra Pound. He also released his first major collection of verse in 1913, after moving to England, and this was named "A Boy's Will." A year later, his second publication, "north of Boston," was underway. This volume contained one of

his best works, "Mending Wall." Mending Wall was a "meditation on individualism and community inspired by the annual springtime ritual of repatching walls of rock that divide New England farms." 1. Frost's works are often described as meditative or ruminative. He deals with themes which were related to the...
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