Road to Success Comes Through Hardwork

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The road to success comes through hard work, determination, and personal sacrifice

would like to break this winning formula down into "easy
to chew" bite-sized chunks. In doing so, we will look
at four smaller nuggets of truth. The first nugget is: "THE
ROAD TO SUCCESS," the second is: "HARD WORK,"
the third: "DETERMINATION," and the fourth nugget
worthy of a closer look is: "PERSONAL SACRIFICE."
For our conclusion, I will ask, "Who will answer this
us get started with the first nugget of truth, "THE ROAD
TO SUCCESS." The road to success starts within a heart
that wants to be the best at something--a heart, mind, and
soul that does not want to be ordinary, but extraordinary.
These words of hope come from the roots of our country's heritage where ordinary people, who have a dream, work hard to achieve. Let these words of truth breathe life into the core of your
bones. Winners never look for the easy way out. They simply
look at the impossible, and say to themselves to set their
heart upon this lofty dream and chase after it with their
whole heart. The road to success is narrow, and many will
miss it because the road to failure is broad and easy. Plant your feet firmly upon the rock of your desire to become the
best. It is easy to fail; do not work hard, and do not have
a dream--that is all it takes. However, that is all right,
because somewhere out there is an ordinary person hoping that is exactly what you are doing--nothing. Yes, the road to an
average, mediocre life is easy, but for those who have a dream, the road to success is another story. Count the cost before
you start down this road; for in a month, or in a year will
you still be fighting to become the best? Oh, but the road
to success is filled with life, happiness, and sweet, sweet
victory! Are you ready to travel down this road to success
no matter what the price? Learn to enjoy the journey and be
committed to the long haul to achieve your heart's desire.
us now turn to the second nugget of truth, "HARD WORK."
It will take hard work on the part of anyone who wants to
be the best. How much work will it take? That depends on your final goal, or the greatness of your dream. If you want to
be the best, then you are going to have to do more than others do. Kobe Bryant, in the off season, shoots 2000 times a day. Are you willing to work that hard to be the best? Any ordinary person can stay ordinary, but those who will work hard, doing a daily routine, will become extraordinary people. Ordinary

people do not just wake up one day with large, strong arms
or legs; they use hard work to build their muscles. There
is no secret here and definitely no short cuts. No one is
born looking like Mr. Universe. Do you want to be bigger,
stronger, and faster? You must buy into this daily work ethic. You must learn to carry this method of success into every
realm of your daily existence. If you will learn to reflect
a spirit of excellence in everything you do, the hard work
will become second nature to you. Make a name for yourself
by being the best at everything you set your mind to master. Become a daily learner, a daily reader, and educate yourself in the area that you want to be the best. "HARD WORK;"
there is no easy way to accomplish what no other has done.
"HARD WORK" built America. "HARD WORK"
is one element which will help you achieve your greatest dreams. The problem with our human nature is that we want everything right now. We have become a "microwave society."
We want success the same way; we want it right now and we
want it the easy way. Sorry, wrong answer. If you buy into
this type of method for success, then you are the one who
probably buys lottery tickets, hoping for your millions. The odds of that happening are stacked against you; those people make a lot of money from those tickets. There is nothing that pays off better than good old fashioned HARD WORK!

farmer goes out and works hard to...
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