Risk Management and Service User

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UNIT 504

1,1 understand the current legislative frame and organisational health, safety and risk management policies, procedures and practices that are relevant to health and social care or children and young peoples setting.

As an organisation that manages health and safety we recognise that the relationship between controlling risks and general health is at the very centre of the business itself. The starting point for managing health and safety in the workplace which:

• demonstrates the practices commitment to health and safety and sets out aims and objectives in relation to this • identifies the individual health and safety roles and responsibilities and the communication channels with-in the practice • Summarises the practical way in which health and safety is managed and objectives met.

The organisation is required to have a health and safety policy in place in order to comply with the health and safety at work act 1974. The act is the primary piece of health and safety legislation within the UK. It is an enabling act often referred to as the umbrella act, which means that regulations can be introduced with-out eh need for additional primary legislation.

The Health and Safety at Work Act also says that employers must, so far as is reasonably practicable provide

• a safe place to work
• a safe environment and adequate welfare facilities
• safe equipment and systems of work
• safe arrangements for using, handling, storing and transporting articles and substances associated with work • sufficient information, instruction, training and supervision for employee

The act is supported by many other regulations and pieces of legislation, one of the most significant being the Management of Health and Safety at Work regulations (MHSWR) 1999. A crucial element of these regulations is the requirement for employers to have in place systems to manage health and safety. The technique of risk assessment – used to identify hazards, evaluate risks, support planning and put effective control measures in place – underpins such systems.

In recent years, the risk management has been influence by the growing awareness of the number of errors, incidents and near misses that happen in social care practice and the effect of the safety of service user’s and the consequence has been the development of service user safety initiatives which have given a ‘service user focus’ to the management of risk within the social care setting. The health and safety at work act underpins this aim and clearly describes the employer’s duty of care not only for staff but towards the persons other than employees such as service user’s, attached staff visitors, and member of the public, contractors and delivery personnel. The principals and duties outlined in this policy apply, therefore, to anyone affected by the practices activities.

analyse how policies, procedures and practices in own setting meet health, safety and risk management requirements.

The main piece of legislation affecting the management of health & safety is the Health & safety act at work 1974. This act provides a framework for ensuring the Health & safety of all employees in any work activity. It also provides for the Health & safety of anyone:

• Risk assessments with the working environment
• Adult protection & safe guarding
• Person centre planning & risk management

When working in line with the organisations policies and procedures to ensure that the staff team create a safe working environment and service user care plans and risk management plans don’t impact on their freedom of choice but they ensure that they are safe with the life style they choose to live, I need to balance those choices against our risk management...
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