Rising Textbook Prices

Topics: Textbook, Textbooks Pages: 13 (5127 words) Published: December 8, 2010
Our group has conducted valid research and all agree that the high price and ever-rising cost of textbooks in the state of New Mexico has become an issue. Luis Argon Castro, Catherine Ponce, Mathew Hagman, Saul Velez, and Hannes Harmon have conducted thorough research to bring this problem to the forefront of issues in New Mexico. We wish to open the public’s eyes to the knowledge and information produced by us on this matter. It feels as if commercial companies, publishers, and authors are taking advantage of students statewide in order to collect high profits, which happen to be increasing yearly. The prices have been substantially climbing every year since 1994 and have now surpassed the rise of inflation. Higher education is becoming more and more expensive for students. Not only is tuition continuing to increase in cost, college textbook prices are drastically increasing as well. We as students are curious as to why the prices of textbooks are so high, and why they increase at the rate they do. It is becoming more difficult for students to pay for college along with their everyday living expenses. Students are concerned as to if New Mexico colleges and universities have the students’ best interest in mind, or are they simply interested in profit. We have identified what is behind the price of textbooks as far as their actual worth, and how much is profited by the companies providing the books. Moreover, we have explored alternative solutions for students when purchasing textbooks. We are presenting fellow students all the different alternatives, both legal and illegal; they currently have in order to save money on textbooks. Our objective is to significantly impact the way students and government look at textbook’s rising prices. The desired outcome would be to drive down the price of textbooks required for college students in the state of New Mexico. We have presented rules/legislation that would benefit the students. Among the major steps in our solution, we intend on exposing those responsible for absurd prices on textbooks, which are used to form tomorrow’s leaders and fellow citizens. By exploring and analyzing the facts, we have proven that the rising cost of books has no correlation with inflation or rising tuition. Higher cost textbooks are definitely an issue that affects not only the state of New Mexico, but also the whole nation. A vast amount of students are reaping the high expenses of these textbooks prices. Here in New Mexico more and more students are complaining about the high priced textbooks. Even more complain of the small amount of money refunded to them when the “buy-back” begins. It does not make sense that a student makes less than half of what was paid at the end of a semester when re-selling a book. It especially doesn’t make sense when the book is then put up for sale the next semester for more money than the student made back. This is a serious problem, and is unfair. Who is really benefiting from this? Obviously someone other than the students is. Students already pay an average amount of five to six thousand a year before purchasing textbooks. Students who do not receive scholarships resort to taking out large unsubsidized and subsidized loans to pay for tuition, and at least $900 out of these loans goes to purchasing textbooks every year. Additionally, if a student does not drop out due to financial problems, they could potentially resort to working long hours, thus detrimentally affecting their grades and performance. This is most definitely not beneficial to the state, let alone the university or the student. If a student is forced to drop out due to their financial needs, how does that reflect on the University. This is a financial factor that definitely can be controlled by the University to prevent drop out rates. We firmly believe that action must be taken before the prices continue to get out of hand. Textbook prices are raising four times the rate of inflation. Since 1994...
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