Rise and Fall of the Mongols

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21. Mai 2008
The Life of Genghis Khan
Genghis Khan was born in 1167 under the name Temüjin in the steppes of a Mongolian family. His father Yesugei, the chieftain of the sub Mongolian Kiyat clan, dead from being poisoned by the Tartar tribe. He swore to take revenge on the tribes who killed his father. When he claimed to succeed his father as chieftain the elders abandoned him and his family. Temüjin had a hard time, because he was from a royal line, finding confidence in the people. He established an army combining many tribes to one, after his reputation how he killed his brother and escaped from an enemy tribe became made many Mongols join his army. He rose to become one of the greatest rulers of all time. Even though most people in the West think of Genghis Khan in negative terms, he was one of the most dynamic and cunning leaders in world history. He conquered more territory than any other conqueror and lead tribes that once fought and detested each other. His successors established the largest empire in the world.

Temüjin, which meant "Blacksmith" was raised in a nomad family in the modern day Mongolia in the banks of the river Onon. He was the first born son of Yesugei, chieftain of the Kiyat sub-clan of the Borjigin Mongols (Tsatsral Batbayar). His great grand-father was Kabul Khan, emperor of the Mongol Empire. The name came from the Tartar's leader, who his father Yesugei killed. He was born clutching a blood clot in his fist (Eric Iverson) . In Mongolian culture this is a sign that the child will be a heroic and great warrior. He grew up in the unforgiving and wild steppes in the middle of Mongolia. Every young Mongolian was educated in horse riding and arrow shooting. They also get married at a very young age; when he was 9 it was time for Temüjin to find a wife. He and his father Yesugei and him left on a trip to his mothers Mongol tribe, the Konkirat. Temüjin liked the chieftain's daughter Bortei and with his approval he stayed at the other tribe to betroth her. On the way back Yesugei was poisoned by the Tartar tribe who ruled over wide parts of the East Mongolian steppes in 1175. They were the strongest tribe at the time and the rivals of the Borjigin Mongols. They invited him for dinner, but when they recognized their old rival, they poisoned his meal. Yesugei made it to his tribe, where he told one of his men to tell his son. When Temüjin heard about the murder of his father he decided to take revenge. He left Bortei to declare himself the new chieftain of the Kiyat clan. Temüjin was only 12 years old, too young and inexperienced to rule the Kiyat clan, which decided to choose one of his kin. His entire family was abandoned in the Mongolian steppes, apparently left to die. Life was hard and food was rare, which made it hard to keep the whole family alive. One day, when Temüchin caught his brother stealing a loaf of bread, he did not hesitate in killing him. Stealing was hated by the Mongols, especially when food was rare during the winter time, and all they had was fish and meat. This cruel incident gave him the reputation of a relentless man (Footprints). One day the Taichi´ut clan attacked Temüjin's camp cause he became a threat to other tribes and he tried to escape, but they finally caught him and took him prisoner. They humiliated him, by wearing a wooden collar around his neck, but soon he killed the guards and escaped into the woods. When he was discovered by one of the Taichi´ut who had befriended with, he hid him and persuaded them to search during daylight, because it would be too hard to find him. After he supplied himself with the most necessary items, he went to Bortei to declare her as his wife (Microsoft Encarta). For dowry Bortei's father gave him the black sable fur, which he later passed on to Toghril in order to became allies. Toghril helped to unite all of Yesugei's men joining together as one army. He would later be the most valuable helper of Temüjin. He...
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