Ripped from the Headlines

Topics: Archaeology, Indus Valley Civilization, Sociology Pages: 2 (544 words) Published: March 31, 2013
Assignment 2: Ripped from the headlines
The headline of our group is “Five ways powers privation is poisoning American”. This news indicates that essential human needs should not be sold or distributed based on who can pay most. After our group discusses this news, we come up with few archaeological sites.

The first archaeological site we came up with is Harrappan civilization in the Indus Valley. Archaeologists found there were no drama royal tombs and no expression of stratification. In other words, the mortuary objects and styles of tombs between governor and citizens did not have the difference. Under this situation, the society was ruled successfully and properly. Each city of Harrapa has platform, citadel and public sewer system. Another example is Great Bath which is one of the most important public facilities in the city Mohenjo-Daro. Archaeologists believe that Great Bath was designed for public used. Furthermore, Great Bath has a series of complete establishments, including private bathrooms, changing cubicles and Olympic sized pool. It relates to the headline tightly. Distributions equally and publicly can also work well in specific society. For this reason, dividing public resources also depends on many factors but not only relies on price of the human needs.

In addition, another opposite example of Harrapa is the stratigraphic in Cohokia. Cohokia obeyed strict social stratigraphic. For instance, the leader of the society can live on the top of the mound; comparing with leader, slaves who were forced to sacrifice for the ritual purpose have the lowest social status. From Mound 72, which is a mortuary gathered site, shows 15 elite men and women were buried under the liter in a huge spread area. In contrast, the sacrificed people were discarded in piles with missing body parts. After decade years later, Cohokia people left Cohokia area in few years. Our group surmised the reason of people escaping is because of strict policy and stratigraphic...
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