Rio Grande Supply Co

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  • Published : October 22, 2011
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Facts of the Case
Rio Grande Supply Co.
* Texas-based wholesale plumbing supply company
* Values Integrity, Honesty and Respect for each individual employee * Has an Internet use policy that employees weren’t to use the company’s computers for anything but business-related activities. * Management has the right to access and review anything employees created, stored, sent, or received on company equipment. * No software filters were installed to prevent abuse of corporate computer system * The company reserves the right to take disciplinary action, including possible termination, and to press criminal charges if an employee was found to have violated the policy. * Jasper Hennings, President of Rio Grande Supply Co., takes personal pride in the company’s culture and values of integrity, honest and respect. * Henry Darger, Chief of Operations, fired a female employee for unauthorized access to another employee’s email. * The female employee accused Henry Darger of “suspicious” activities * Henry Darger confessed that he was logging on to pornographic websites at the office to escape his troubles. Statement of the Problem

* How will Mr. Hennings handle the situation of Henry Darger * How to ensure that the company’s computer and internet policy is followed * How to make the employees embrace the company’s principles of integrity, honesty and respect Point of View Taken

* Jasper Hennings, President of Rio Grande Supply Co.
Key Objectives
* To determine the appropriate course of action of Mr. Hennings to handle the issue of Mr. Darger. * To reinforce the company’s cultural vision and values Analysis of Causes
Analysis of the Problem
1. What environmental factors have helped to create the situation Jasper Hennings faces? * Internal environment: Corporate culture
* The management is aware of this but is not doing anything about it. Because of this, the employees continue to violate the company policy...
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