Rights and Freedoms

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  • Published : April 5, 2013
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POS – 301
January 15, 2013
Mr. Elliott

Rights and Freedoms
What would it be like if we as American citizens did not have any rights or freedoms? Thankfully we will never have to worry about thanks in regards to our founding fathers and the Bill of Rights. In this essay I will discuss which freedom in the First Amendment to the Constitution is most relevant to me personally. I will also analyze and discuss the significance of the Bill of Rights and subsequent notable amendments to the U.S. democracy. Finally, I will discuss the process for amending the Constitution and give my opinion on whether it is a “fair” process or not. The First Amendment

The freedom guaranteed to me in the First Amendment to the Constitution that is most relevant to me is the freedom of religion. Freedom of religion is a very important to me; it allows me to choose what religion I want to worship. It allows me raise and teach my children what religion I choose for them to learn. With that being said it also gives my children to change to a different religion when they become adults if they choose. Freedom of religion is something that we as Americans should not take for granted. We should be grateful that we can worship as we choose, there are some many other individuals in other countries that are denied this freedom.

Bill of Rights
The Bill of Rights was written in 1791 and became the first ten amendments to the United States Constitution. The Bill of Rights was very significant to the United States Constitution due to the fact that without the Bill of Rights the Constitution would not be what it is today, it most likely would have never been ratified by the states. The colonies felt that without a Bill of Rights the national government may be granted too much power. The Bill of Rights removed those fears from the colonies because they knew that with them in place the national government would never be able to possess too much power. The rights guaranteed to the people...
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