Ride Along

Topics: English-language films, Domestic violence, Psychological abuse Pages: 2 (727 words) Published: May 1, 2013
Randi Mitchell
Ride Along Paper
I went on my ride along on Tuesday, April 30 with the NM State Police. I rode along with senior patrolman Israel Rodriguez. I had a lot of fun and think I learned a lot about how law enforcement actually works. The officer showed that he is always thinking about the law and how he has to be very careful in what he does so that he doesn’t get god evidence suppressed in court because he makes a small mistake. He said that it’s hard enough to get evidence admitted sometimes even when you collect it lawfully. We started out by cruising I-25 until we noticed a southbound vehicle with the driver not wearing his seatbelt. We pulled him over and gave him a citation and went on. We then received a call about a hit and run coming into town from Deming so we parked out and looked for the vehicle to come by that fit the description that the dispatcher gave us. We were waiting when we received another call about suspected child abuse on a 6 month old girl. As we were driving back to the station we kept getting more interesting information about the case. It turns out that the alleged abuser is a deputy with the Sheriff’s office and LCPD had already responded to the domestic violence call and didn’t take any action against the officer. The child had been returned to the mother with red marks on her neck, legs, and back and the mother had taken pictures. Officer Rodriguez spoke with the mother and heard about the officer’s previous use of intimidation and force when they fought, but that she didn’t want to proceed with charges, just that she wanted the incident documented. Officer Rodriguez wrote up a report and we jumped back on the highway when almost immediately we were lights and sirens toward a vehicle vs. truck collision on 185. We raced over there and jumped on the scene in which the motorcyclist was very injured and they ended up calling the helicopter to airlift him to the El Paso trauma unit. After a while Officer...
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