Rich Countries Should Help Poor Countries

Topics: Famine, Poverty, Malnutrition Pages: 2 (461 words) Published: March 10, 2012
"Oh my God look at this rich countries just sitting there and watching the poor countries suffer."Don't you think that this rich countries should wake up and start doing something to help these poor countries such as Haiti due to the Earthquake it went through and also many other countries. One reason rich countries should help these poor countries is because if you take Haiti for example after the earthquake they had in 2010 there were many damages done to people and land because Many buildings were destroyed, roads and docks. Which made it very difficult to get aid to the people who were in need.Also damage was done to food, the poor people needed clean drinking water, clothes, cooking utensils, temporally shelters that they could at least live in for a certain time and mostly drugs and medicines. Without those poor people having clean drinking water to drink and dead bodies rotting in the hot sun the risk of life threatening diseases was expected. The other major problem people were having was trying to re-build their houses and also their businesses but without money they could not do anything to recover what had been damaged in that earthquake.Also a lot of hospitals were destroyed and the hospitals were full of people which is why many people had to die on streets in front of everyone. Another reason why rich countries should help poor countries is because if you take Zimbabwe for example most of the families in Zimbabwe can't even afford all three meals in a day and many women and children are starving to death and also many people are lacking food, clothing, shelter, health, and education and they also don't have much water. One other reason why rich countries should help poor countries is because for example lets take Somalia people are unable to meet basic food requirements. Famine and disease have spread so much that it's cause about one million deaths.Also due to the roads damage people can't get assistance when in need it makes it very...
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