Rhetorical Essay

Topics: Education, School, Teacher Pages: 3 (1103 words) Published: April 12, 2013
Rhetorical Questions
the movie “Waiting for Superman,” the filmmaker’s purpose is to show the viewing audience how America needs to improve its school system, and raise the standards to move on to the next grade level. I detected the purpose of the filmmaker by listening closely to the opening five minutes of the documentary. In the opening minutes the filmmaker, Davis Guggenheim, gives examples of how schools and teachers have started to trail other western countries in the education process. 2. The argument of the documentary is that America is falling behind in the education of its students, and other countries are becoming more innovative and successful in educating their students. Guggenheim asserts that teachers are over protected by the teachers union and the contracts they sign, so not much can be done when teachers don’t perform up to standards. 3. If you look at the “guilty party” of the African-American mom and her son, Guggenheim gives validity by showing how the son struggles in his elementary school because of the lack of professionalism by the teachers and how he wants to move onto a charter school where he can get a good education. Some points that detract from the argument are of how Guggenheim doesn’t show the current school the young boy is attending and the shortcomings of that school that led to the boy wanting to go to a charter school. 4. Guggenheim attempts to gain credibility and ethical appeal by showing numerous statistics of where America ranks in the education of their students. For example, he shows reading statistics that show what grade level high school students are at. Guggenheim is very effective at gaining credibility because he mixes facts in almost every time he makes an assertion about the current school system. 5. Guggenheim was very smart in the process of making this documentary because he didn’t only use statistics, but instead he also used actual real life stories of families who have children struggling in...
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