Rhetorical and Visual Analysis

Topics: The Reader, Writing, Anabolic steroid Pages: 3 (960 words) Published: November 13, 2012
Claudia Baiz
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Professor: Jonathan Nehls

Rhetorical and Visual Analysis on “How Performance-enhancing Drugs Work”

Throughout this essay, I strive to analyze the rhetorical and visual strategies used within Craig Freudenrich's article, "How Performance-enhancing Drugs Work," with the purpose of examining his explanation and description about performance-enhancing drugs and determining whether he succeeded or failed at it. This article bases itself around familiarizing readers with all the divergent types of steroids and what they can provoke on the consumer. It provides you with very in depth descriptions and scientifically proven effects on the applicants. Techniques which were skillfully used to create a strong, informative, and convincing article.

The author’s style of writing is very convincing since he uses a lot of medical references in order to prove his statement. The article mentions a question that Dr. Gabe Markin asks to competitive runners in the Washington D.C. road race in 1967, “If I could give you a pill that would make you an Olympic champion -- and also kill you in a year -- would you take it?" Out of a 100 runners, more than half answered yes. Therefore leading the reader to believe that this is a real issue that must be approached in any way possible. Hence, the writer’s credibility grows and the reader now trusts and believes what he or she reads.

This article mostly contains writing that will persuade the reader intellectually. The author states, “The prevalence of performance-enhancing drugs in sports has increased. The desire to win is, naturally, ever present while, at the same time, new research and technologies have expanded the number of options for cheating your way onto the podium.” Throughout the article the writer names numerous kinds of unnatural ways to build body mass and strength, all with descriptive definitions and possible side effects a user can acquire. However, the writer...
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