Rh Bill Position Paper

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  • Published : October 16, 2011
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If I would be asked face to face regarding my position about this RH Bill, I would strongly answer with, “I am against RH Bill”. “Why?” they would ask. Simply because as an economic student, I don’t believe that making this bill into a law would save our country from the great tragedies and problems that we’re facing. Some would say that my reasoning does not clearly justify my position but from the point of view of those who truly care for the economy of our country, they would not need further explanation about my reasoning.

First and foremost, the bill aims to guarantee universal access to methods of birth control and maternal care. If this is the chief aim of this bill then I would surely oppose to pass it. Why in the first place is there a need for them to focus on birth control? Philippines is not overpopulated so why control birth? I can just imagine that the advocates of this bill would surely agree to me at this point but on the other hand, they would say that it is in the near future that our country would be overpopulated and they would point out that the birth control is for those poor families who have a large number of children which they could barely support. Though the bill does not directly state it, it still implies that the booming population of poor families in our country is the reason why we are in poverty. Thus, if this bill is passed, our problem of poverty would be solved. But what I can say is that there is no logical correlation between overpopulation and poverty. So how can they be so sure that the problem of poverty could be solved?

The second aim is the maternal care. I can’t deny the fact that this somehow could help women especially the poor ones regarding their maternal health. But why not just provide direct health programs for women? Why wait to pass this bill to help those poor women? Why not act now?

It’s hard not to think that the proponents of this bill are just using their power to their advantage. I maybe wrong...
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