Rgis Lawsuit

Topics: Dispute resolution, Fair Labor Standards Act, Mediation Pages: 2 (544 words) Published: May 26, 2013
The company in my state that was involved in a lawsuit is RGIS. Some of the factors related to this case is not being paid for transportation to and from inventory sites, time spent waiting to start inventory, and not given itemized wage statements.

RGIS is an inventory chain who is guided by a set of core values that helped them grow from a small, regional operation to a global leader serving many of the largest companies on the planet. It was founded by Thomas Nicholson in 1958 and I worked from them for four years. RGIS to date still denies any wrong doing.

RGIS is claimed to have violated the Federal Fair Labor Standards Act and the wage and hour laws. They had failed to properly pay all wages and overtime compensation to its employees. The lawsuit was brought on behalf of the many thousands of current and former RGIS auditors threw out the United States. The goal of the lawsuit was said to make RGIS compensate us for all hours’ worked and future violations to come by them.

This lawsuit began in 2000 and has been on going to as late as 2011. Due to the negligence and ineffective procedures of RGIS the courts ruled in the favor of the claimants. As a result RGIS was set to pay out over $27 million in damages as of July 2011. As we all know the lawyers in this case got the bulk of the money, but I did receive a fair share for what I had been thru.

Although there is no way to prevent every occurrence in the workplace, there is numerous things management can do to lessen the frequency of this destructive or pervasive behavior. The management of RGIS could have better mitigated the risk of this type of lawsuit by having better transportation pay and compensation in place. I really don’t think there is much to be done in this case right now. The only thing that could be done wasn’t done in the beginning.

I believe if they only took the time to listen, and then react they would’ve had a better outcome. You would think with all the...
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