Reynolds and Reynolds

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Reynolds & Reynolds Case Study

The Reynolds and Reynolds case about team selling had very many positives and few negatives, and was a very well rounded and planned way for the American Ford Dealership to improve its customer service sector. First, I wanted to point out the effectiveness of team selling that the Reynolds team did well. They had three people comprise the team, Mr. Sherman, Mr. Wiltgen, and Mr. O’Neill. Sherman would pitch the plan to the dealership and discuss the reports with them, Wiltgen was the implementation guy, meaning that he would set everything into place if and when they agreed on what plans to use, and O’Neill was the manager overseeing everything and was there for backup if needed. The three positions and roles they played stayed the same throughout the plan and they followed through with how they wanted to present. Another thing I feel was very effective was how Sherman brought to the attention of the dealership the “lost opportunities” they had and how more much profit they could have made the previous year. O’Neill confirmed these numbers, thus making a good team decision and presentation of the facts. Also, another effective point they made was bringing up the way the dealership’s competitors were doing business and what systems they were using. The one and only disadvantage I found during this team selling presentation was that Sherman took on multiple roles as the team leader and the business consultant, and the other two were basically just there on an as-needed basis. The Reynolds team also showed great execution to the client access, client education, and fulfillment perspectives. To satisfy client access, they split the client base into three categories: Actives (customers who have been in for service in the previous 6 months), Inactives, and New Customers. Splitting customers into these categories made it easy for the dealership to see who is coming in for service, who should be notified they are due for service, and...
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