Review: I Wants to Go to Prose (Suzanne B. Jordan)

Topics: Problem solving, Education, Teacher Pages: 4 (1694 words) Published: December 1, 2007
"Review: I wants to go to Prose (Suzanne B. Jordan)"

In "I wants to go to the prose" (1995), Suzanne B. Jordan emphasizes that a teacher's duty is to help the students in their studies but whether teachers should help students with their personal problems is controversial. In other words, students should not come up to the teachers telling their personal problems so that the teacher, being merciful, excuses them or be a little more considerate when grading their papers. This is like using emotional intelligence ( emotional black mailing etc.) on teachers, which tends to descend them from their basic responsibility; which is to teach and to evaluate all students equally. In her article, Jordan gives a lot of support for this; specifically, a girl, Marylou Simmons, pops by Jordan's office requesting her to give her a D or an incomplete on the course instead of failing her, for she was having troubles with her boyfriend. By means of bringing personal issue into the discussion, Marylou was trying to gain sympathy from the teacher. In this case, if the teacher helps her, it would be unfair to all the other students ethically. In essence, Jordan claims that students should not use their personal problems as an excuse for their poor performance, and in turn should not expect some sort of differential treatment from the teachers in the form of going easy with the grading and asking for mercy and forgiveness in some case. In my opinion, Jordan has a valid point. A teacher's primary duty is to help students in their academics, and not to listen to, or solve personal problems of students. So it is not advisable to approach the teacher and ask for clemency by presenting your case in an emotional manner. This is similar to asking a salesman to stop selling goods and give the goods for free because he is poor and has four or five kids to feed. A teacher is like a judge who has to give judgment against a suspect charged in a case to declare him or her guilty or...
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