Review Sheet 32 Anatomy of Blood Vessels

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Anatomy of Blood Vessels
Microscopic Structure of the Blood Vessels
1. Cross-sectional views of an artery and of a vein are shown here. Identify each; and on the lines to the sides, note the structural details that enabled you to make these identifications: artery (vessel type)

(vessel type)

open, circular lumen
(a) (a)

somewhat collapsed lu thinner media

thick media

Now describe each tunic more fully by selecting its characteristics from the key below and placing the appropriate key letters on the answer lines. e,d b a, f,c Tunica intima Tunica media Tunica externa Key: a. b. c. d. innermost tunic most superficial tunic thin tunic of capillaries especially thick in elastic arteries e. f. contains smooth muscle and elastin has a smooth surface to decrease resistance to blood flow

2. Why are valves present in veins but not in arteries? occur in veins. Valve prevent backflow

the high blood pressure in propels blood forward, this does not

3. Name two events occurring within the body that aid in venous return. changes in thoracic cavity pressure during breathing skelete muscle "milking" action and 4. Why are the walls of arteries proportionately thicker than those of the correspondin higher pressure and fluctuations. veins are low pressure vessels arteries must withstand


Major Systemic Arteries and Veins of the Body
5. Use the key on the right to identify the arteries or veins described on the left. d i r o k j t c b w p q s m c y h e l a v , f , z 1. the arterial system has one of these; the venous system has two 2. these arteries supply the myocardium 3. two paired arteries serving the brain 4. longest vein in the lower limb 5. artery on the dorsum of the foot checked after leg surgery 6. serves the posterior thigh 7. supplies the diaphragm 8. formed by the union of the radial and ulnar veins 9. two superficial veins of the arm Key: a. b. c. d. e. f. g. h. i. j. k. l. anterior tibial basilic brachial brachiocephalic celiac trunk cephalic common carotid common iliac coronary deep artery of the thigh dorsalis pedis external carotid

10. artery serving the kidney 11. veins draining the liver 12. artery that supplies the distal half of the large intestine 13. drains the pelvic organs 14. what the external iliac artery becomes on entry into the thigh 15. major artery serving the arm 16. supplies most of the small intestine 17. join to form the inferior vena cava 18. an arterial trunk that has three major branches, which run to the liver, spleen, and stomach 19. major artery serving the tissues external to the skull n u , 20. three veins serving the leg , 21. artery generally used to take the pulse at the wrist

m. femoral n. o. p. q. r. s. t. u. v. fibular great saphenous hepatic inferior mesenteric internal carotid internal iliac phrenic posterior tibial radial

w. renal x. y. z. subclavian superior mesenteric vertebra

6. Trace the blood flow for each of the following situations. a. from the capillary beds of the left thumb to the capillary beds of the right thumb: digital vein(V), L radial V, brachial

V, L axillary V, L subclavian V, L brachiocephalic V, superior vena cava, R atrium, R ventricle, pulmonary trunk, pul. artery(A), lobar A pul. caps in lungs, lobar V l atrium, L ventricle aortic arch, brachiocephalic A, R subclavi b. from the mitral valve to the tricuspid valve by way of the great toe: through bicupsid valve to L ventricle, aorta

common iliac A, external iliac A, femoral A, posterior tibial A, lateral plantar A, digital A, cap beds, digital V plantar arch, plantar V, post. tibial V, femoral V, external iliac V, common Iliac V, inferior vena cava, through


Review Sheet 32

7. The human arterial and venous systems are diagrammed on this page and the next. Identify all indicated blood vessels....
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