Review of Relevant Literature

Topics: Palawan, Puerto Princesa City, Quality control Pages: 13 (4602 words) Published: February 23, 2013
Review of Relevant Literature
The following related literature and studies are the pillars of our research. These pieces of information are essential to have credible supporting ideas to our research topic. The said documents were taken from different sources and references for instance materials from other colleges and universities, other printed documents, and the internet. The researchers also gathered some information about other universities’ facilities to enhance our study – “PUP-COC Physical Facilities and Laboratories—A Perceptual Study”. Familiarity with other colleges’ set of equipment will indeed be of great help to the researchers. Also, as the researchers have said in the Background of the Study, the PUP-College of Communication is considered as one of the largest communication schools in the Philippines bearing the distinction of being the first communication school in the country to have achieved Level III Accredited status as awarded by the Accrediting Agency for the Chartered Colleges and Universities in the Philippines (AACCUP) in 2008. Because of the said accreditation, the researchers based the categories in our second objective to the standards of the AACCUP Accreditation. In the Area VIII of AACCUP which has the scope of the Physical Plant and Facilities, it is stated that the Quality and Adequacy of the physical plant and facilities of a learning institution determine to a large measure the successful implementation of its curricular programs. In a broad sense, physical plant and facilities include school site, campus, buildings and other physical infrastructures, equipment and services that complement institutional and program effectiveness. The AACCUP also stated their standard of a School Site, Campus, Buildings, Classrooms, Offices and Function Rooms, Assembly and Athletic Facilities, Medical and Dental Clinic, Student Center, Food Services/Canteen, Accreditation Center, Housing (optional), Documents, Additional Information and Exhibits. While in the Area IX: Laboratories, it is stated that Laboratories are support systems in any academic program. Broadly defined, they cover science laboratories, speech laboratories, demonstration farms, shops, and other facilities for practicum activities essential to the successful implementation of the curricular programs of an institution inclusive of their use and functions. So from this, the researchers decided to categorize the facilities and Laboratories of the College into Academic Related, Non-academic Related, Health and Sanitation Related, and Security Related Facilities.

Foreign Studies
The Mass Communication Department of University of Sindh- Pakistan, according to their website (, runs several laboratory facilities and this includes different equipment such as lights, video cameras, tripods, and microphones which are available to students enrolled in the said department. Intended for practical training, the department also provided a News laboratory, including computer lab which is open to students enrolled in the department that contains a variety of software applications like MS Office, Adobe PhotoShop, Illustrator, CorelDraw, In-Page, Photo Styler, Free Hand and Adobe premiere Pro.

Meanwhile, in the Daffodil International University, based on their website (, they provide a Media Laboratory that has the following capabilities for the TV program producers: sound and echo proof laboratory, air-conditioned rooms, DESA & self-generated electricity, recently imported various lights of CANARA Company, experienced Lights Crew who is involved in producing TV programs for a long time. They also have Video Editing units, fully air-conditioned Ultra-Modern Matrix RT-X2 Real time Multi-format Digital Editing Work Station, customized HP Workstation, SONYLMD 1420 Professional Video Monitor...
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