Revenge Cycle

Topics: Hamlet, Characters in Hamlet, Ghost Pages: 3 (866 words) Published: March 28, 2011
Revenge Cycle
Revenge has the definition of taking vengeance for injuries or wrongs; retaliation. In the Hamlet, the main theme is that when people follow plans of revenge, it leads to tragedy. Throughout the play, several different people want to take revenge on somebody. Hamlet is a main character who is being asked to take revenge on his uncle to fulfill his duty as a son. Hamlet by William Shakespeare is a revenge tragedy because Laertes and Fortinbras and Hamlet seek to avenge a family death, in most cases the death of their father and in all but one case leads to their own tragic death. Hamlet’s revenge for his father leads to his own death at the end. Hamlet’s father, the old king Hamlet appeared in the form of the ghost in the beginning of the play. The ghost told Hamlet that his father had been killed by the current king who is the uncle of Hamlet, the current husband of Hamlet’s mother. Believe it or not every ghost in the world can only have the same action, revenge. “You can never know with certainty which ghost is addressing whom. It is one and the same thing for Hamlet to question his own identity and to question the ghost’s identity, and his authority” (Girard 3). The prince of Denmark, Hamlet, wants to avenge the current King of Denmark, his uncle, who killed Hamlet’s father, the old King, in order to take the crown and marry Hamlet’s mother. When trying to revenge his father by killing his Uncle, Hamlet accidentally kills Polonius, the father of Hamlet’s friend Laertes and his beloved Ophelia. In the process of revenging his father, Hamlet in some way caused the death of many innocent people. “Hamlet, again, is less remorseful about killing Polonius than annoyed with Polonius for not being Claudius, and seems genuinely bewildered that Laertes should be hostile to him”(Frye 3). With the tragic loss of her father, as well as her recent messiness of her relationship with Hamlet, Ophelia becomes insane and committed suicide by drowning herself....
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