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Instead of selling your car or sending it to the junk yard, donate it to a charitable organization. Not only will you keep the car out of the landfill, you will receive a tax deduction as well. Clothes

Clothes are one of the easiest things to recycle as so many charitable organizations will accept them such as Goodwill, Veteran's Support Groups and most churches. In addition, you can possibly sell them at a consignment shop if they are still in good shape and in style. Christmas Trees

Most local city governments set up Christmas Tree recycling drop off's across the community after Christmas. They will accept the trees free of charge. The trees are generally turned into mulch which is then used in city parks. Food

yes food. Start a compose heap in your backyard. Instead of throwing old food in the trash, throw it in the compost heap. You can use it to fertilize your garden. Food Containers

Before throwing a food container in the trash, check the label to see if it is able to be recycled. Glass jars and bottles, cardboard boxes such as some cereal boxes and paper wrappers can all be recycled in many cases. Computers

If your computer still works, you can donate it to a local library, school system or charity. If it no longer operates, contact your local recycling center. In addition, you can contact a local electronics retailer to see if they have a computer recycling program. Cell phones

There are numerous charities that accept cell phones notably many charities that assist women. In addition, many companies that can be found online will pay you for your used cell phone if it still works. Finally, cell phone can be recycled for their parts which are re-used in new cell phones. Smoke detectors

Some smoke detectors can be returned to the manufacturer. Check with your manufacturer to see if the recycle your particular model. Some smoke detectors are considered hazardous waste because they contain small traces of Americium 241. If this is the case the manufacturer will recommend they're disposed of as hazardous waste. Ink Cartridges

Many office supply stores will take these. Some pay $1 per cartridge. Check with you local office supply store. Tires

Tires are horrible for landfills as they take up a lot of space, can leach dangerous chemicals over time and can pose a fire hazard. Tires are taken by local recycling centers and can be used for a variety of purposes such as be shredded for rubber mulch, recycled into new tires, and recycled into rubber containers. Telephones

There are places willing to buy back or accept donations of old telephones. These places refurbish old phones or use the parts and casings for other things. To find out how to dispose of your old telephones, do an Internet search. Magazines

Since magazines are made of paper, all recycling centers and local curbside recycling services will accept them. You can also donate them to local schools or libraries. Foam Packing Material

Most shipping businesses will take your old foam packing material. They will not pay you for it, but the material will be reused. Fluorescent Bulbs

Fluorescent light bulbs contain Mercury which is considered hazardous waste. The mercury in bulbs can be used to make new bulbs. Don't throw your bulbs in the trash, contact your local recycling center to ask for their hazardous waste recommendations. Also, many hardware and home improvement stores will accept fluorescent bulbs for recycling. Paint

Paint is considered hazardous waste. You cannot dispose of paint by dumping it down a drain or storm sewer. Many recycling centers accept paint which can be blended into some fuels at different manufacturing facilities. PDAs

Recycling PDAs is similar to cell phone recycling. They can be given to charities, exchanged for cash on some sites, or truly recycled for their parts. Motor Oil

If you change your own oil, please don't pour it down the drain, into a storm sewer or onto the ground. Most oil...
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