Restaurant: Rooms and Access Aisles

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Restaurant Planning & Layout
In any establishment a client’s first impressions on entering the dining room are of great importance. The creation of atmosphere by the careful selection of items in terms of shape, design and color enhances the overall décor or theme and contributes to the total harmony.

Physical Layout:

Good planning and physical layout are important keys to success in the food and beverage industry. An effectively planned and well-run restaurant is a highly lucrative business. If the nerve centers of the restaurant are not properly planned, it can result in chaos and inefficient service.

Layouts are plans of equipment placement for accomplishing work according to a specific operational programme. Good layout planning is well appreciated because it cuts on extra cost. It lends utility effectiveness and harmony to an enterprise. Good layout deals with the orderly and efficient arrangement of all work facilities and personnel. Work facilities mean the service areas, service points, maintenance points, storage area and so on.

Creating a good work environment that is both aesthetically appealing and practically efficient is a difficult task. However, it should be so arranged and organized physically that it will provide a work environment that is conducive to effective and harmonious work.

Objectives of Good Layout:

01)  Reduces production cost
02)  Increases employee safety
03)  Better quality product
04)  Reduces capital investment
05)  Better service to the customer
06)  Increases flexibility
07)  Reduces the work in process to the minimum
08)  Minimizes material handling and loss
09)  More effective utilization of the floor space
10)  Reduces work delays and stoppages
11)  Better work methods and utilization of labor
12)  Improves control and supervision
13)  Easier maintenance
14)  Better utilization of equipment and facilities
15)  Elimination of congestion points

Steps in planning:

The following order is suggested for determining information for the planning process.

1) Deciding on the location and the type of operation.
2) Space allocation.
3) Planning the functional and supporting areas.
4) Equipment selection.

Site selection

Depends on whether concept is convenience oriented destination oriented. Convenience oriented
* Depend primarily on nearby base of customers to be drop-ins. * Visits generally unplanned.
* Convenient part of guest daily schedule
Destination oriented
* Attracts guests because of unique concepts
* Visits planned ahead of time
* May involve travelling a fair distance depending on availability of concept * Likely to be a choice for a special occasion or fancier meal
Ideally should attract both types of guests, some drop-ins and some who planned their visits

Dining Areas:

Calculating space for dining areas can be difficult because of the many choices available. For example, final space required for a dining room is dependent upon the following variables:

1) Type of seating to be provided:
     ·      Tables and chairs
     ·      Booths
     ·      Counters
     ·      Banquettes
     ·      Combination.

2) Table sizes desired
3) Table shape desired
4) Pattern of table arrangements
5) Aisle space desired
6) Number of service stations needed.

A suggested approach that allows a planner to evaluate these variables and their effect on the dining space per seat is modular concept. For this situation the module contains space for the tables, the seats and the appropriate share of the service and access aisles.  

The first step in the modular concept is to select the size and shape of the table to be considered. This is done in relation to the menu, the type of service and the atmosphere to be created in the dining room.  

Type| Shape | Minimum sizes in "| Spacious in "|
Tables for 1s or 2s| Square|
|   24 x 24|
24 x 30|
 |   30...
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