Responsibility to Solve Problem

Topics: Problem solving, Amnesty International, Sovereign state Pages: 6 (1770 words) Published: January 22, 2013
It is critical that people take responsibility for solving problems that affect their community so that everyone will have a better world to live in. It is lucid through several examples from literature such as 1984 and historical figures such as Rosa Parks and Peter Benenson that people must take responsibility to solve problems in their communities.

In the novel 1984 by George Orwell, the main character, Winston, takes the responsibility of fighting against the oppressive government under which he and his fellow citizens live. Winston does not, as most people would, sit idly by and watch the government trample people's rights. He takes the "path less traveled by" and attemps to expose the decpive (sp: should have been deceptive) nature of the government. By taking responsibility to tackle a problem in his society, Winston effects some change on the society in the the book even though he is not completly (sp) sucessful (sp). Winston sets the foundation for the overthrow of the government by taking responsibility to solve a problem.

Historical figures such as Rosa Parks also took responsibility to solve problems that affected her nation. When she was ordered to give up her seat to a white man on a bus, she refused. She saw it for what it was: a racist and unjust law. She took responsibility for solving this problem and refused to get out of her seat, even if she was arrested in the process. By taking responsibility to correct the problem of racism in her community, she helped start the Civil Rights Movement. Because she had the courage to take responsibility decades ago, the United States today is a better place. In place of segregated schools and buses, there are schools and businesses that see the value of diversity.

Peter Benenson is another historical figure who made the world a better place by taking responsibility to solve a problem. He witnessed two students in Portugal being treated inhumanely by the government. So, he took the responsibility to write a letter to his hometown newspaper criticizing the actions of the Portugese government and calling for the boys' release. This quickly turned into a worldwide movement known today as Amnesty International. By taking the responsibility of writing a letter to his hometown newspaper, Benenson helped found Amnesty International, an organization that has sucessfully (sp) lobbied for the humane treatment of people worldwide.

After careful analysis of literary works such as 1984 and historical figures such as Rosa Parks and Peter Benenson, it is lucid that people should take responsibility to solve problems that affect their community. As President Barack Obama said in a speech at Atlanta, GA, "Every [citizen] should take responsibility to effect change, for if they do not, the U.S. will no longer be the best [nation] in the world."

Should people take more responsibility for solving more problems that affect their communities or the nation in general?

A nation's people can not always depend on their government to take care of each community of the country. However, it is the people's help to maintain the country's advancement. Hence, the prosperity of a nation not only depend on the collective efforts of cities and countries having together, but also on that of the dwellers of those municipalities. Some people believe that the government should take care of everything in the country. However, some people do not. �� � � One of the famous historical figures Peter Benenson who made the world an astonishing place by taking responsibility to solve a problem. Frequently, he witnessed two students in Portugal being treated in a very reprehensible way and inhumanly way by the government. He took the responsibility by writing a letter to his new paper in his down town about what's happening in portugal. Moreover, this was rapidly turned into a overseas movement known as an Amnesty international. By talking the responsibility to write an epistle to his...
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