Responsibilities of a Pharaoh

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  • Published : October 23, 2012
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My Pharaoh Essay

I am Pharaoh Hatshepsut and I am the chosen one to rule Egypt. As I am a woman it takes a lot of work to rule Egypt and make sure everyone believes that I am a true Pharaoh. Becoming Pharaoh was not an easy task, but I did manage to do everything like a real Pharaoh would. Just like every Pharaoh I had my role to uphold. I had many roles to obtain some of which were difficult. Some of my many roles were to watch the law courts and make sure everything that was going on was alright. I was also the chief of all temples so I visited each temple to make sure everything was well and so that I would perform sacred rituals in front of many viewers. I lead the army to wars and battles and we fight against many different countries. I will try to always return with a win. One of my other roles was to do the trading business, with all the different countries to make sure that whatever was going to happen was fair. Another role I had to uphold is that I controlled the water system in Egypt, and made sure the Nile was ok and running smoothly. On top of that I stored spare grain in case of an emergency or food shortage. To many of the Egyptians I was a living god so that was another major role to uphold. Quite a hard role to obtain was that each day I had to please all the gods so that if I do good fortune will come my and to the country. My role was to look out for my people, to make sure they were happy and living the right lives and going upon my laws and rules. My last role was the hardest of them all for me was that it was my job to make sure that the Nile flooded each year so that there would be fertile land for growing crops and if it didn’t I would get blamed for all this and that of course means CHAOS! And of course I don’t want that. My roles were challenging especially because I wasn’t used to it. But anyway this was nothing compared to the duties I have. And have I got to tell you this was one tough ride. Many Egyptians thought of me as...
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