Responsibilities of Holiday Representative

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Unit 14- Responsibilities of Holiday representative

Task Three

In this assignment I am going to prepare information sheets that describe the part played by the holiday representative in creating a safe and healthy holiday environment. I will include a description of the risks and hazards and the ways in which representatives can minimise these risks.

Health and safety terminology

Tour operators rely on their staff to diligent when carrying out their duties and vigilant when identifying potential hazards & areas of risk.

Diligent-showing care
Vigilant- being watchful against danger
Hazard- anything that can cause harm
Risk- the chance, high or low that somebody might be harmed by the hazard.

All incidents are fully logged & paper work is completed. The rep should make regular checks as follows:

Accommodation checks:
* Quality standards e.g. room furnishings, fixtures e.g. mirrors & cleanliness * Appropriate levels of service e.g. manned reception, balcony safety, glass fittings * Safe supply of gas & electricity e.g. loose sockets or exposed wirings * Hygiene standards e.g. daily cleaning


Pool area checks:
* Swimming pools should have notices with depths marked
* Pool surroundings should have an non slip surface
* Are there any broken tiles or sharp edges around the pool?

Children play areas & clubs:
* Children’s safety & security is paramount including suitably positioned & well maintained equipment, safety surfaces `& a clean and secure environment.

Procedures of children’s club:
* The health and safety set by the FTO-
* Procedures for the registration off children
* Procedures for collecting children
* Adequate supervision levels (ratio of staff to children) * Club room design & equipment

Children’s play area checks:
* Is equipment fitted securely in to the ground?
* Are there any sharp edges or protrusions?
* Are surfaces free of trip hazards?
* Do all large glass panels have stickers?
* Are all sockets fitted with child proof covers?

Fire safety:
* This is one of the main areas of concern for tour operators as regulations in other countries are not always as rigorous as in the UK.

Fire checks:
* Are all exit doors unlocked?
* Are all exit routes clear of obstructions?
* Are fire extinguishers in place in corridors?
* Where emergency lighting in place, is it in working order? * Are fire safety instructions displayed in rooms in English & other languages?

Gas & Electricity:
* There have been well publicised deaths that have arise as a result of carbon monoxide poisoning * Evidence of recent service/checks & valid safety certificates is essential * Electrical equipment & sockets should also be well maintained

Gas checks:
* Is there adequate ventilation?
* Can u smell gas anywhere in the property?
* Have there been any reports of gas faults by guests since the last audit?

Cots & highchair checks:
* Are mattresses clean & well maintained?
* Is there at least 50cm between the mattresses & top of the cot? * Are the highchairs stable?
* If wooden are there any splinters?
* Are secure harness fitted to the highchair?

Apartment & studio Checks:
* Is the fridge clean & in good working order?
* Are the fridge doors seals in good condition?
* Is the cooker clean & in good condition?
* Have all appliances been serviced recently & have certificates?

Hotel restaurant & kitchens:
This is another main area of concern for tour operators.
If standards fall food poisoning is more likely to happen. This can quickly affect many customers & completely ruin their holiday. * Are the cooker heads free of grease?
* Is raw & cooked food stored separately?
* Are date expired foods removed from storage & destroyed?

Lift checks:
* Is there a sign in place in English & other languages saying: ‘’Do not use lift...
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