Response to Literature Romeo and Juliet

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  • Published : December 9, 2012
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Response to Literature: Romeo Makes a Move
“You’re a fine piece of real estate and I’m looking to get me some land,” is a pick-up line and in Romeo and Juliet, a tragic play by William Shakespeare, Romeo used a pick-up line in order to get his objective through to kiss Juliet. The conversation Romeo and Juliet had, was written by Shakespeare in the form of a sonnet, a 14-line poem usually containing one of several conventional rhyme schemes. To describe this romantic, somewhat intimate first encounter between Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare used a rhyme scheme, metaphors, and imagery. The love that began during this very first encounter between Romeo and Juliet was the tragic beginning to their death; it clearly helped show that love can cause a person to completely change as Romeo came to show, even if it might not be exactly necessary.

William Shakespeare used the figurative language imagery much to his advantage using it especially throughout this sonnet. “Which mannerly devotion shows in this; / For saints have hands that pilgrims’ hands do touch, / And palm to palm is holy palmers’ kiss” (1.5.98-100), helped display to readers (readers whom understood what this meant, of course) a clear visual picture of the way they were probably getting closer and closer as the conversation progressed. At this moment in the reading, they had barely met and both had already fallen for one another. The way Juliet spoke of Romeo’s hands, was in a way that said to him that she thought of his hands as “pilgrim[s]” those of which were worthy of showing devotion to a saint; as in, Romeo could display affection to her figuratively being the saint, so it painted the picture of them most likely holding hands. A second way that Shakespeare displayed imagery in the sonnet was by having Romeo state, “Then move not while my prayer’s effect I take” (1.5.106). That being the end of the sonnet they created, it is clear to the reader after he says that he kisses her for the first time....
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